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The old fisherman

The villa "Il Mignale" was built at the beginning of the 18° century by a local fishermann and it was called in the local dialect "O' Mignale".
This fisherman had to go down 900 steps to get to Furore's Fjord, where he had his boat.
After fishing that wasn't always copious, he had to climb up and carry his cath to the market place in Agerola, at the top of the hill.
The fisherman with a lot of sacrifice and hard work built his place stone by stone.
After he died the house was abandoned and became an old ruin.
The ruin was bought by mister Apuzzo Tullio in 1990 who fell in love with the splendid view that opens 180° towards the sea.
Mister Apuzzo totally reconstructed the villa in the 1991 respecting the surrounding beauty and at the same the ancient dream of the fisherman.
Today appreciating the enchanting scenery that the villa offers you can relive, as by magic, the ancient moments.


i resti della casa negl anni 90
i resti della casa negl anni 90 i resti della casa negl anni 90

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